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MRIJA, which means ‘PURE’ in Sanskrit is what we strive to give our customers, through our soaps, handmade artisan skincare with natural ingredients and pure essential oils. We are committed to producing the very finest of body care products. Each batch is handmade with extensive personal care to add to our beautiful collection. I was intrigued by handmade soaps and the chemical free skin care they provide. I started my own experiments to make such soaps in small batches, in a tiny storeroom. I was then working as a research agent with LeapForce and whenever I could grab some time I would watch and learn from internet videos which gave great insights! Positive feedback and that’s how Mrija started to take shape. I have been so driven by this thought of making soaps that use natural ingredients, smell divine and have a smoothening effect on the skin, without use of any chemicals,  that I cannot stop thinking about it – be it making molds, blending essential aromatic oils, scouting for good suppliers, best packing material to use, getting appreciation and feedback from customers, every aspect excites me! I now run my production from a small workshop and continue with oodles of self-learning, loads of experimenting, and continuous feedback until I am perfectly satisfied with the finished product that is being offered to the customer. We get our soap tested at MICAL and is certified ‘A’ graded soap. Most of my products are inspired by Mother Earth – Clays, Herbs, Botanicals, Fragrances – that evoke an earthy memory.