Adopt the all-new 10 step skincare routine for your healthy skin

Adopt the all-new 10 step skincare routine for your healthy skin

The 10-step skincare routine is a shorthand for the notion of the extensive, multilayered skincare routine. The traditional three-step cleanser-toner-moisturizer approach, with which many of us were raised, has been replaced by a 10-step skincare routine that includes items like essences, serums, ampoules, and sheet masks.

The concept's adaptability is what makes it so appealing to so many individuals. You should be able to interpret the signals your skin is giving when you adopt new actions as long as you proceed gently and take each step as it comes.

The 10-step skincare routine includes:

Step 1: Oil cleanser

This is the first stage in the double cleansing technique. Oils can be an effective cleaner, despite popular belief. They will remove and dissolve any impurities on your face, including excess oil, grime, and makeup. You should start with a clean slate before continuing with your following actions since cleansing is crucial for maintaining bright, radiant skin. You can skip this step if your skin is too delicate to use a second cleanse, or if it has a bad reaction to oils.

Step 2: Cleanser with foam or water

Before continuing with the rest of your process, this step makes sure that your skin is spotless. To avoid stripping your skin, check the pH of this cleanser because it is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve with this regimen! Do not apply this cleanser if you have really dry skin and prefer to solely use oil-based cleansers.

Step 3: Exfoliator

Exfoliating once or twice a week can make your skin feel smoother, products absorb better, and acne scars heal more quickly. On days when you exfoliate, you can think about substituting a mild facial scrub for one of your cleansers if you don't want to strip your skin. Try out the mrija whipped foaming exfoliant face and body scrubs for your skin.

Step 4: Toner

This will get your skin ready for the future. Remember that while buying Asian products, many refer to as “lotions” and Western manufacturers refer to as "toners". Don't be perplexed! But you can skip this step in case you are on a tight budget or short on time.

Step 5: Essence

The 10-step procedure begins with thin goods and progresses to thicker products while gradually introducing layers of nutrients. In order to prepare for your moisturizer, start with your essence.

Step 6: Extra-strength treatments (serums vs. ampoules)

The key ingredient that will set you on the road to the glow you want is serum. They are specialized treatments that can address any particular skin issues you might have. Similar to pumped-up forms of serums are ampoules. Stick with a moisturizing, nourishing serum and refrain from applying any extra chemical exfoliants or peels. In your regimen, avoid using more than one of the harsher substances.

Step 7. Apply a sheet mask

In the manner they are applied, sheet masks provide a different approach to masking because in this case, most of the substance will be absorbed into your skin rather than evaporating into the atmosphere. There may be a lot of surplus serum in the bottom of the container, as you may have seen. For optimum glow, apply it on the backs of your hands, your neck, and your chest. Don't reserve it for later.

Step 8: Eye cream

Even though you might not always require a special eye cream, if your eyes are really sensitive or you have very particular goals for the region around your eyes, you could need one to hydrate, de-puff, or reduce aging indications. Skip if you don't have any distinct skin-related aims for your eyes.

Step 9: Moisturizer

Use a moisturizer to balance the skin barrier and keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Please don’t ever miss your moisturizer! You can try out the Mrija VANAM Hydrating Body Wash made with Olive Oil, Mango Butter, and Vetiver as a good moisturizer for your body.

Step 10: Sun protection:

Your skin will need protection from the sun at all costs since it is its kryptonite. Additionally, exposure to the sun can hasten the aging process, delay the healing of acne scars, and, you know, lead to skin cancer. So, take care of your skin!


This skincare routine can be followed without closely adhering to the prescribed 10 stages. The multi-layered strategy can be just what your skin needs, or it might be too much and clog your pores. The 10-step skincare routine can be enjoyable and extremely effective, but it may not be for everyone. Each person's skin responds differently to using a variety of treatments, and for some people, implementing this plan may be difficult due to time and financial restrictions. Make sure your fundamentals are covered if you are interested, and you may gradually expand from there.

Above all, keep in mind that following these instructions is about scheduling time for self-care. Take your time, then do it.

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