Benefits Of Handmade Vegan Soaps With Natural Ingredients

Benefits Of Handmade Vegan Soaps With Natural Ingredients

Handmade vegan soaps are kind to both you and the animals, handmade vegan soaps avoid using any ingredient derived from animals, including animal by-products. Most importantly, these all-natural skincare products have never been tested on animals. So not only are you being kind to our furry friends, but you're also exposing yourself to fewer harsh chemicals. If that's not enough reason to convince you, here are some benefits of using handmade vegan soaps to sway your opinion.

Made With Natural Ingredients

Organic handmade soaps not containing animal fats, milk, or honey are beginner vegan soaps. The best reason to use them is because of the ingredients-a product can only be as good as the ingredients used in its production. Natural handmade soap bars are sustainably produced, cruelty-free and ethically traded. Each bar begins with a blend of certified organic oils rich in nutrients that nourish the skin. Not only are these soap bars individually crafted by artisanal means, but they also include a plethora of natural ingredients like organic butter, purifying clays, herbs, seeds, grains, and spices to name a few. A couple of such products that include these ingredients are turmeric soap (made of spice) and our moringa soap which contains the rich goodness of tulsi, green clay, and sandalwood. Furthermore, these soaps do not contain any harsh chemicals or irritants that you would find in most commercial soaps today. This is important because those synthetic ingredients have been linked to disruptions in hormones as well as cancer.


Handmade soaps and other similar products do not require the use of animals in either their creation or testing, thus being more cruelty-free and contributing to a safer environment for all animals. At Mrija, we have a large number of vegan soaps and other handmade soaps for people who are passionate about animal rights. We never test our products on animals during production, but our items are still of excellent quality and safe to use.

Better Moisturisers

Glycerin is a type of fat naturally found in plants that act as a powerful emollient. By drawing moisture from the air, it creates a moisturizing protective layer on the skin. This makes glycerin soaps very effective at keeping the skin soothed and hydrated, also making them an important by-product of handcrafted vegan soaps. Our soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it is both mild and rich. The layer of cream it leaves on your hands makes the task of lathering last much longer whilst also keeping your skin feeling soft all day long. Not to mention, this natural process will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant!

Environment Friendly 

Handmade vegan soaps are not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but they also lead to a drastic reduction in your negative impact on the environment. Most natural ingredients in handmade vegan soap are biodegradable, whereas synthetic ingredients found in commercial soaps (such as phosphorus) drain into rivers and lakes-harming fish and other aquatic creatures.

Help Maintain A Healthy Skin

Our skin is the body's largest organ and is highly porous, which means it absorbs a lot. Therefore, how we treat our skin has a significant effect not only on our health but also on the appearance and feel of our skin. Itchy? Dry? Suffering from eczema, psoriasis, or acne? And the best natural soap or scrubs and lotions that are made of natural ingredients can relieve you of all those symptoms and more!

People with sensitive skin that easily reacts to skincare products probably just have different skin. Soaps with natural and simple ingredients are often preferable for many types of people who want healthy skin. If you continuously use a soap that irritates your skin, try handmade vegan soap instead-your skin will definitely be able to tell the difference!

Handmade vegan soap lathers just as well, if not better, than regular soap without the use of harsh chemicals and palm oil. Not to mention, using containerized vegan soap helps preserve our environment and is animal-friendly. Though they may be a bit more expensive upfront, handmade vegan soaps last significantly longer because there are no irritants that dry out your skin-giving you your money's worth in the long run!

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