Dear Oily Skinned Folks, Here’s A Letter For You!

Dear Oily Skinned Folks, Here’s A Letter For You!

Gold, silver, or diamond, we all like shiny things. But when your skin emits a little extra shine, all hell breaks loose and chaos ensues. You panic, buy everything in the market that says anything about oily skin. You dash to your kitchen and perhaps your garden too, to get anything green and apply to your face. Because oil looks fine on samosas but not on your face. Needless to say, neither the odd powders in your Indian household nor the green leaves in the yard helped. Well  if you find yourself becoming increasingly convinced that your face is actually a samosa, wait. We have got the right explanation for all your trouble. This post provides a thorough explanation of oily skin, its causes, and methods for controlling it.

Maa, Stop Buying Oil, I’ve Got A Ton For Free!

The truth is that everyone has oil in their skin. The sebaceous glands that create sebum are located underneath each of your pores. This maintains the health and hydration of your skin. However, the sebaceous glands can overproduce oil in some individuals. This results in greasy skin. If your skin is frequently glossy and you need a lot of blotting sheets each day, you probably have oily skin. Even after hours of cleaning, oily skin may still feel greasy. Additionally, because sebum combines with dead skin cells and becomes trapped in your pores, breakouts are more probable. Ugh then what exactly causes them? Well, in a nutshell, a combination of genetic, environmental, and behavioral variables can result in oily skin. While oily skin can't necessarily be eliminated, you can perhaps take measures to make it less oily. The trick is to find out one or more of these 5 major motivations for oily skin AKA samosa face and take right action accordingly.

5 Causes Of Oily Skin

Dig into your DNA!

    Yep, genetics! The tendency to have oily skin runs in families. You are more likely to have hyperactive sebaceous glands if one of your parents has oily skin.

    Geography Matters

      While age and genetics are the main factors contributing to oily skin, location and season can also have an impact. People in hot, humid areas typically have oilier skin. Additionally, compared to the fall or winter, the summer is when you're most likely to have oilier skin. Even if you might not be able to get up and move out to a new city because of your oily skin, what you can do is change your everyday routine on days with a lot of heat and humidity.

      Good Ol’ Pores

      Age, weight changes, and past breakouts can all cause your pores to sometimes enlarge. Larger pores typically create more oil as well. You cannot make your pores smaller, however you can take additional care during the day to blot parts of your face with big pores.

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      General Hype And Your Skin Are Like Jesus and Satan 

      Using the incorrect skin care products for your skin type might also result in oily skin. These items typically receive excessive buzz on your familiar social media. Keep in mind that what works for your pals may not work for you. Some individuals mistake oily skin for combination skin, leading them to use excessively thick lotions, for instance. You may need to adjust your skin care routine for the spring and summer to include lightweight moisturizers and gel-based cleansers if you experience drier skin throughout the winter. The quantity of oil that remains on your face may be significantly reduced by using the right skin care products.

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      Skipping Moisturizer

        Yes. You read that right. The idea that moisturizer leads to greasy skin is erroneous. In fact, you should use a decent moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out if you're taking acne treatments like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Each and every type of skin will get dry without a moisturizer. Finding the appropriate type of moisturizer is therefore crucial rather than skipping it altogether. Moisturizers with a water base that are lightweight are ideal for oily skin. After cleansing and toning, finish by doing this. To keep pores clear, search for products that promise to be "oil-free" and "non-comedogenic."

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        Over the course of their lives, most people will confront oily skin. You can either use cleaners or natural solutions to treat it. Having said that, you should consult a doctor if you have physical or psychological discomfort due to oily skin. This is crucial if DIY or over-the-counter (OTC) treatments don't seem to be working. There are several methods for reducing oily skin. While some are more natural, others are more conventional. What we advise is using Mrija's charcoal soaps, which are without a doubt the best charcoal soap available. Not only will it assist you with your oily skin, but you can also put your worries over whether it's safe or not to rest as all products manufactured at Mrija are crafted by the naturally gifted hands of our devoted staff using only organic ingredients. Be it designer soaps or charcoal soaps, Mrija has it all and that too in the best, pure and organic forms! So bid adieu to the "how to remove oily skin naturally" google searches as Mrija is your answer. 

        Needless to say, none of the green leaves in the garden nor the random powders in your Indian household helped. 

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