Grooming Winter Skin Care Products to Survive The Biting Cold

Grooming Winter Skin Care Products to Survive The Biting Cold

Winter is here! The chilly breeze is getting harsh, the temperature and humidity are about to plummet, and it will gladly wreak havoc on your skin if you are not cautious enough if you feel like the chilly days have a complaint with your face, it is suggested to arm yourself with these winter skin care products to protect your skin from feeling dry, flaky, and painfully cracked.

Face Wash

Select the best, moisturizing face cleanser for your skin this winter. Although the chilly water can put you off, cleaning your face with a face wash is an essential step in your winter skincare routine. So, set a reminder and use it twice daily. Using a moisturizing face wash helps nourish and clean your skin. If you do not have any face wash with you currently, you can go for the natural glycerin soaps that help to equally moisturize your skin.

Face Scrub

At this time of the year, your skin feels so sensitive that you might not find exfoliation as a crucial step for your skincare routine. But skipping to moisturizing right away would be like painting on a damaged wall. So, to keep your skin happy and healthy, always use a soft, moisturizing face scrub. Bringing you the gentle handcrafted turmeric sandal face scrub that helps to heal and hydrate your dry skin and also diminishes your skin scars and acne marks. Go and get it today.


We know that it is damn annoying to worry about the sun when you can’t even see it well. But as long as sun rays are hitting you, your skin needs special protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. In a subtropical nation like India, where the sun is out nearly every day, you should shield every square inch of your skin from any dangerous radiation. The sunscreen shields you from exposure to UVA (skin aging) and UVB (skin burning) effects by blocking 98% of UV radiation penetration. This product aids in keeping an even skin tone by offering the utmost protection and removing the root cause of dark spots on your skin.

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Day Serum

Kudos to you if you stick to your 3-step, wash, shave and moisturize skincare routine. However, you can supercharge your winter skincare regimen with a few simple additions and serum is one of them. To get the best results, look for a solution that contains hyaluronic acid and apply it to your face every day. With more than 20 organic active components, you can easily combat the day's stressors and pollutants. To resist stresses like blue light from displays, use a liquid that completely replaces all creams and lotions with its non-greasy effect.

Nourishing Night Cream

A night cream is not something only for the old. Your brain releases chemicals that help your body and skin heal when you are relaxed. This is the ideal moment for your skin to replenish the moisture lost each day by stinging winds and space heaters with the help of a healing combination. It contains therapeutic components which calm the skin and keep it fed all day. It also protects your skin from aging and dullness, giving you that dewy glow! You can use a moisturizing cocoa sugar scrub in case you have run out of your nourishing night cream.

Vitamin C Face Mask

Sometimes, even the most well-rounded grooming practices might occasionally fall short when faced with chilly weather. Therefore it is a good idea to have some quick tools on hand, such as hydrating vitamin C face masks. Masks can increase plumpness and allow some skin-loving substances to be absorbed into the skin. Additionally, they are so soothing that your skin naturally begins to enjoy the treatment. Add Vitamin C to your skincare regimen and rapidly revitalize dry, flaky skin. If you are not willing to go for the mask, you can try out natural soaps made with ingredients such as shea butter, red clay, etc. 

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Feeling more confident about the next winter now? Go on and make a list of the winter skin care products that you don’t currently have and start adding them to your cart. You can get your best skincare products here at Mrija where you get gift boxes too on your purchase.

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