How To Take Care Of Your Handmade Soap Bar In Monsoon

How To Take Care Of Your Handmade Soap Bar In Monsoon

It’s raining outside. You have made a cup of black tea and are eating a plate of hot pakodas. We know, we know. The scene is perfect. Your homemade soaps, however, abhor monsoons utterly, despite how pleasant and cozy rain is. Due to the high concentration of natural humectants, a quality bar of handcrafted soap will frequently "sweat" in humid conditions. Handmade soap contains a lot of glycerin, which is a humectant—a chemical that rapidly absorbs moisture from its environment. Since handmade soaps are naturally rich in glycerin, they need a place to dry out between usage despite the fact that it's good for your skin. If left in standing water, the glycerin draws water, and the soap will swiftly degrade. So how exactly do you save your handmade soap bar from bubbling with sadness this monsoon? Don’t worry cause we have got you covered!

Tips To Take Care Of Your Handmade Soap Bar When It’s Pouring Outside 

The first piece of advice we have is to take a moment to relax and calm down. In soaps, sweating happens naturally. The sweating is essentially moisture drawn from the air by the glycerin, not moisture released by the soap itself. You are more likely to observe this phenomenon if the surrounding air is humid and there are more humectants in the soap. However, this does not imply that you should bid your priceless handmade soap bar farewell. Listed below are 5 ways to prevent your handmade soap bar from sweating this monsoon.

1. Plastic Wrapping Your Soap.

 It is most likely one of the best methods for keeping your soap from sweating. Plastic wrap generally works, but shrink-wrapping is preferable. By shrink-wrapping your product and giving it a little hairdryer blast of hot air, you can make it airtight and prevent any possibility of sweating. If you are not keeping your soaps in an airtight container, it is recommended that you wrap them as soon as you use them

2. Good Ol’ Wiping!

Wipe your soap.  Simply use a paper towel to remove any moisture from your soaps' surface. Knives are another option if it doesn't work. Be gentle though. With a blunt knife, gently scrape the dew out.

3. Silica Beads To The Rescue!

You may either use a drier or a drying container with silica beads if the sweating is not as obvious. You can turn off the oven and use a heat lamp or oven light for more efficient drying. However, wrap them as soon as they are entirely dry to stop them from perspiring further.

4. Make Your Soap The Rose Not The Jack

Avoid Jack's fate by not letting your handmade soap bar sink in water. It's a common problem with built-in soap dishes. Instead, make sure your handmade soap bar gets lots of fresh air in between usage. It will endure longer as it becomes drier. Additionally, always keep your handmade soap bar on a dish with good drainage, unless, of course, you like your soap wet.

5. Don’t Go Cheap

Invest in a good soap dish. Always keep your natural soap on a soap dish with good drainage. Make sure to keep your soap dry, away from any water flow, and on a dish that can drain. The best soap dish is one made of slatted wood or bamboo because it wicks moisture away from the soap so that it can dry effectively. As an alternative, placing a "soap saver," an oval disc with raised nubs, in the bottom of your preferred soap dish should keep it elevated and dry. Avoid letting your natural handmade soap bar remain in a bowl-shaped dish or container that collects water at the bottom if you want it to last longer. Additionally, watch out for the "soap dishes" that some showers have since they rarely drain correctly.

Since it is normal for the glycerine to draw moisture from the air, soap sweating is not a concerning phenomenon. But if it happens, we can promise you that these strategies will salvage your soaps and allow them to return to being bubbly, healthy and happy. Regardless of all these precautions, only high-quality, organic, natural and handcrafted soaps will nourish your skin. Or the benefits of handmade soaps are effectively lost. Uncertain of where to purchase your natural soaps from? Once again we have got you covered. Mrija is one among the best handmade soap websites in India. If you desire nourishing charcoal soaps or adorable animal shaped soaps, you have the convenience of purchasing anything from Mrija with just one click.

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