Is Organic Handmade Soap Better Than The Normal Soap?

Is Organic Handmade Soap Better Than The Normal Soap?

Many of us believe that soap is just a necessary thing to wash our body's impurities and make us feel clean. But is it the case? The gist of it is: Definitely not! But there are many different soaps on the market, from normal soaps to organic handmade soaps. How then do you decide which to use?

Consider soap as the item in your daily regimen that has the power to penetrate every pore and inch of your skin. Then, consider your preference: would you want a product with abrasive chemicals and detergents or one with nurturing and opulent natural oils? This is essentially the key distinction between "regular" soaps and organic handmade soaps.

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Sustainable For The Environment: 

Sustainability is a responsibility that is to be shared between both producers and consumers. While brands start using more environment-friendly production methods, consumers should also practice sustainable consumption. Since there are no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used in the production of organic handmade soap, our support for these initiatives will result in healthier soil, water, and air. You can try out the Earth soaps to make both your skin and the environment happy!

Safer Than Normal Soaps: 

Normal soaps are made using sulfate-based detergents to provide the effect of “building up a lather”, making them less safe to use. This, however, is nothing more than a marketing play because it’s not the heavy lather that cleanses your skin but the natural oils that can thoroughly enter and clear your pores of chemical contaminants. Consider why some advise using oils to remove makeup rather than washing your face with handmade soap when you apply makeup. Natural oils like coconut, jojoba, and hemp seed are frequently included in organic handmade soaps, and all three can enter your pores and cleanse your skin from inside and out.

Beneficial For Your Skin: 

Organic soaps are excellent for your skin because of their composition, which is often natural oils packed together using the conventional way of creating soap, which involves hydrolyzing a triglyceride fat (natural organic oils) and a base (lye). For instance, a hemp seed oil-based organic handmade soap will have the natural moisturizing and deep cleaning benefits of hemp seed oil, as well as its extra advantages like helping to balance hormones that can help with acne and eczema, reducing stress, having antibacterial properties, and having the ability to control blood sugar! You can also read All About Charcoal And Charcoal Soap Benefits For Skin to get you started with your natural skincare regimen.

Supports The Local Economy:  

As an artisanal product that is still mostly not produced industrially, organic handmade soaps are often produced by small, regional firms. This relates to consumer responsibility and sustainability as well; by supporting small, local businesses, the responsible consumer not only contributes to the recovery of the local economy, which is undoubtedly advantageous for all but also ensures sustainable trade practices concerning local shipping and fuel consumption.


When buying organic handmade soap, make sure to look for sustainable packaging and fair practices by the producer; reward yourself with a lovely bath with a product that will perform magic on your skin, hydrating from the inside, clearing it of toxins, and keeping it looking youthful, smooth, clear, and fresh!

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