Transparent Soaps

Transparent Soaps

September months soap challenge. This month I made a transparent soap from scratch taught by our guest teacher Aruna @Suffusesoaps ❤️. It is a great satisfaction to know what exactly went into the making of these soaps as I always brought store made bases and questioned the ingredients which they were made with! This one is made with no chemicals and pure virgin coconut oil which renders the extreme clarity to the soap. Castile coconut oil soaps can be drying but this recipe has glycerin added which acts as a humectant and super moisturising! Check out the further ingredients in our insta posts dated 12 September 2021.

I wanted a splash of colours and golden micas to make it look more precious and shiny !

The second picture shows the transparent embeds made with two colours by chopping bits of soap made into a ball and then sliced, show off the clear transparency of the base. I deliberately coloured the top layer with only a hint of colour to show the same ! Amazed with the transparency and the clarity !   I used golden micas to make the gold layers in this soap. It was a fun learning and worth all the toil !

Thanks to our sponsor for sponsoring this months challenge 👍🤩! A special thanks to Amy for getting such inspiring groups together ❤️ @soapchallengeclub

You can message us or call us to PLACE ORDERS for these soaps with customised colours and fragrances !

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