What should be your weekly skincare routine?

What should be your weekly skincare routine?

You must have heard facts about skincare routine. But do you know the strategies to construct a good weekly skincare routine that you can maintain? While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, here is an outline to assist you in developing an efficient schedule for your weekly skincare routine. Even while there may not be a perfect world, there is a perfect skincare regimen!

It's crucial to determine your skin type before beginning any skincare regimen. For instance, it is better to stay away from strong chemicals if you have sensitive skin. Reading the ingredient list on your beauty product is the best method to find out what's inside. No matter what type of skin you have, always perform a patch test on your inner arm or neck before using a new product. Do not continue using any items you apply to your skin if you find that they induce a stinging sensation or redness. 

It's crucial to establish daily healthy habits before beginning your weekly skincare routine. 

Below are a few constructive habits you should adopt.

Remove the products:

It is a very important step in attaining healthy skin. No matter where you go, removing your makeup is essential for having your skin look its best. Overnight harm is done when you sleep with pore-clogging irritants that stick to your face all day. Do not omit this step from your evening weekly skincare routine for the best results. You can use glycerin soaps for removing the products from your face.

Wash Your Face:

To start, wash your face every morning and evening. When you wash your face in the morning, your skin is better prepared for moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen. It aids in clearing away any impurities, such as dirt, that accumulate throughout the day in the evening. Whether it's a gel, washing balm, or cleansing oil, it's crucial to use a mild cleanser that doesn't peel the skin. Your skin will become tight and overcompensate by creating too many oils to balance itself after using harsh cleansers that remove it from its natural oils. You can also use the scrub before washing your face.

Body Care:

Taking care of your body as a whole, on the inside as well as the outside is the most important element in any skincare routine. To prevent breakouts, drink water, get enough rest, and eat healthily. Don't forget to look for yourself. Sensation good both physically and psychologically is the best feeling, and self-care is a type of self-love. Get the best body washes for your skin here.


SPF is essential for both the short- and long-term achievement of your ideal complexion. No matter the weather, always use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Sunscreen aids in maintaining a healthy skin barrier, preventing skin cancer, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Even with the ideal skincare regimen, breakouts might still occur often. You are not paying attention to the surfaces your skin is continually in contact with, which is the cause. Do not forget to wash your pillows, disinfect your phone screen, and clean your cosmetic brushes. You don't want to prolong the process of obtaining your skin objectives since there are a lot of germs. Wondering which products to use? Get the best Mrija Epsom bath salts with Himalayan pink salt crystals and aromatic essential oils and use it in your weekly skincare routine.
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