Mrija Turmeric Sandal Scrub made with Kasturi Turmeric and Sandalwood
Gently Exfoliate away the dead skin with antioxidant-rich turmeric and cooling sandalwood. Turmeric rich in Curcumin acts as a protective enzyme to reduce acne scarring and brings out the natural glow of the skin. Sandalwood an ayurvedic ingredient provides great...
Rs. 289.00
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Mrija Cocoa Sugar Scrub made with Cocoa Butter, Ground Coffee, and Walnut (100 gm)
Gently exfoliate and shed away the dead skin with our luxurious sugar scrub. Boosts circulation and hydrates with kokum and cocoa butters. Massage a small amount onto the wet skin until the sugar completely dissolves with lather and rinse off....
Rs. 239.00
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Mrija Aloe Lily Glow Sugar Scrub made with Sugar Exfoliant and Aloe vera (125 gms)
Exfoliation is an important skin routine to scrub away the dead skin and reveal fresh skin. Gently exfoliate and shed away the dead skin with the luxurious foaming sugar scrub. Fresh vibrant fragrances of Lily and Aloe vera. Made with...
Rs. 400.00
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