The Handcrafted Soap Collection

Made with palm-free, vegan, skin loving butters and loads of love.

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Confetti Soaps

Designer Confetti soaps embedded with various colours and a potpourri of fragrances of vanilla, spiced pumpkin and golden amber scents.

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Triple butter Soaps

Flower-shaped cold process soaps with enchanting fragrances blended with the most complex essential and fragrances oils. Check out the three variants !!

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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes specially curated for kids with fun shaped soaps, perfect for gifting. Check out our KIDS SOAP COLLECTIONS.


Naturally Coloured Soaps with Herbs

Soaps made with ayurvedic herbs and clays for a healthy skin. Check out our range in HERBAL SOAPS.

Indigenous Herbs

Ayurveda is a treasure house of herbs and concoctions that have benefits aplenty. Herbs have strong anti-oxidant and anti-toxic properties to eliminate the Ama. They work in harmony to restore the skin health, in a natural Ayurvedic way. Our HERBAL COLLECTION has soaps filled with native ancient herbs like Rakta Chandanam, Arjuna Powder, Avaram Senna, Haritaki to name a few !

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